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Webshop for professional therapists

el Kadife is a complete professional hair removal system from Germany, that requires knowledge and expertise in the use of Sugaring products and Enzymes products for permanent hair removal.
All hair can be reduced or removed completely with the enzymes from el Kadife - regardless hair colour. The enzymes are applied directly after hair removal with Sugaring or Wax, and for a quick starting permanent result, the customer have to continue the treatment at home with HomeCare enzyme products until the next hair removal.
To be able to buy in the webshop, you must be a beautician or other therapist in the beauty industry.
You can apply to become a B2B customer under YOUR ACCOUNT. You'll then be approved to buy in the webshop once we have confirmed your VAT/ CVR no.
If you have a clinic and want to use our system in your clinic, please contact us for further information.
If you are a regular customer, you can apply for login under "Your Account" - Create user, but you will only be able to buy selected products for homecare use.