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El Kadife Treatment prices

What are the treatments cost?
The prices you have in your clinic you multiplie by 2 based on the normal hair removal price.
For example. Upper lip wax or sugaring. Price 125, - Including enzymes total 250, -
If you live in Norway, Sweden or Finland, you also use your normal price list and multiply the price by 2.
Pay attention to the large areas, such as. 1/1 leg and back. There you use more enzyme and we recommend that you multiply the price by 2,3
Treatment in the clinic:
- The hair is removed with Sugaring or wax.
- Enzyme gel (KABINE) is applied and gently massaged into the skin, until the gel is absorbed and the skin completely dry.
- Finish the treatment with a lite spray of Silver Tonic (KABINE), which closes the acid mantel and soothes the skin.
HOMECARE Products:
- 15 ml. or 30 ml. Enzyme gel is added at home for the first 4 days on the treated area, morning and evening before daily skin care.
- Enzyme lotion or Enzyme spray (Intimate or Deodorant) is applied from day 5 until the next hair removal in the clinic.
- Enzyme Peeling is performed twice a week on the treated area for better absorbtion of the enzymes. Apply and leave it on for 2 min. and then rinse it off in lukewarm water.
We cater for all the needs that may be required for professional hair removal.
The product is manufactured in Germany and is only sold to professional clinics in Europe.
You are always welcome to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or comments.