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This Sugar Pasta is specially made for professional use where you can reach all kinds of different situations.
It is not necessary to use talc, as the sugar paste adheres only minimally to the skin and maximum to the hair.
The Sugar Pasta is 100% natural and is made from sugar, water and citrus.
The secret to El Kadife Sugar Pasta is that the 4 different textures are meant to blend with each other to give the paste the optimal consistency according to conditions, and to the area you want to remove the hair.
If you make many Brazilian where the customer is sweating, then use Strong as a base paste blended with Ultra Soft, for the best blend.
Strong soaks up the sweat of the client so you do not have problems during treatment.
If the client does not sweat particularly during a brazil treatment, then Soft blended with Extra Soft is the optimal blend.
If your paste gets a little too hard - add a little Ultra Soft.
If your pasta gets a little too soft - add a little Soft or Strong.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

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