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About Enzymes


Facts about hair growth
Hair grows in a so-called growth cycle, which can be divided into three stages (anagen, catagen and telogen). During the anagen phase, the root of the follicle connects to the hair germ cells and a new hair begins to grow. At this stage, the cells are susceptible to enzyme treatment.
On average, approx. 20% of the body's visible hair in the anagen phase. When the hair is removed with traditional wax, sugar paste, wire or tweezers at this stage, the hair germ cells are exposed, giving the enzyme access to break down the cells and thus stop new growth.
In the catagenic phase, the follicle retreats from the hair germ cells and the hair stops growing. In the telogenic phase, the body ejects the dead hair. In the last two phases, the enzyme has no effect. It is therefore necessary to continue the course of treatment throughout the growth cycle.
Clients who are not used to growing may experience a temporary increase in hair growth after the first two or three treatments. This is because the wax treatment provokes the hairs to synchronize their growth phase, which will be experienced as increased hair growth. However, it also allows for greater efficacy in subsequent enzyme treatments.
The enzymes are an affordable way to get hair-free. The enzymes contain Trypsin and Papain from the Papaya fruit, which break down the hair growth cells in the anagen phase so that they do not produce new hair.
The advantage of this enzyme system:
The customer helps himself with HomeCare products, which will result in a faster starting result.
These 3 products must be purchased by the customer at home.
Enzyme gel which breaks down the protein membrane of the hair growth cells.
Enzyme lotion that inhibits the hairs left behind.
Peeling which promotes the uptake of the enzymes.
(Enzyme kits can be purchased for the different areas. - See Enzyme kits)
Customer processing
1. Hair is removed in the clinic where the enzymes are applied directly after treatment.
2. The customer buys and applies enzymes at home for 4 days after treatment.
3. The customer then applies enzyme lotion from day 5 until the next hair removal.
4. Peeling should be performed twice a week for better absorption of the enzymes.
Treatment in the clinic in 3 steps
1. The hair is removed by rooting with wax or sugaring to allow free access to the hair follicle.
2. The enzymes are massaged / folded thoroughly into the skin for approx. 30 sec. after the hair removal until the enzymes are absorbed into the skin.
3. Silver Tonic is sprayed to close and soothe the skin.
Treatment interval:
Body: Treatment every 4 weeks.
Face: Treatment every 14 days. (Rough hair eg chin)
Face: Treatment every 4 weeks (fine down hair)
The customer will already be able to see a change after the second treatment.
You should count on treatments for 6 - 12 - 24 or 36 months, depending on your hair growth, hormones, age, and where on the body you want the hair growth reduction.
The duration of the treatments depends on hair growth intensity and genetics.
The result will vary by:
-Various types of medicines that promote hair growth
Before treatment is recommended
-If the customer needs Sugaring, she/ he must not apply cream on the same day as the hair removal area.
-If the client needs to have hair removed on the face, it is recommended to the client that she not use make-up on the same day, or Antiperspirant if she needs to have the hair removed under her arms.
-Recommend an enzyme exfoliation of the skin the day before. This helps to open the pores and prevents dead skin cells from clogging pores and hair follicles, so the enzymes work faster.
-After treatment is recommended
-The same advice as if it was a regular hair removal. - Do not practice sports or take sun / solarium or very hot bath for the next 12 hours.
PS! Sun has no influence on the enzymes.
Against ingrown hair is recommended:
Peel / scrub at least twice a week with El Kadife Enzyme Peeling and use Papaya Special Serum every day until the skin is fine again.
What distinguishes El Kadife Enzyme System?
That the enzymes work and the customer can see it with their own eyes after only a few treatments.
El Kadife makes use of the latest and most advanced research in its efforts to offer an effective and affordable method for permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair growth in anyone regardless of hair color.
El Kadife is without any side effects, unlike the side effects associated with laser treatment of the skin.
Benefits of el Kadife
El Kadife offers many advantages over other hair removal products.
  • Permanently reduces unwanted hair growth
  • Gentle and effective, with no side effects
  • A treatment only takes seconds after hair removal
  • Can be used anywhere on the body, regardless of skin type / color
  • Sun before or after a treatment has no effect on the effect
  • Well tolerated and allergy tested
  • Parabens free
  • The enzymes have natural origin
  • The product has not been tested on animals
  • HOMECARE products to the customer for faster results.
  • Affordable for both clinic and customer
  • The products are easy to use and easy to use.


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